Orthopedic Associates of SW Ohio - Little York   4160 Little York Rd 10 Dayton,OH45414   (937) 415-9100
Orthopedic Associates of SW Ohio - Little York
4160 Little York Rd 10
DaytonOH 45414
 (937) 415-9100

Reviews Of Orthopedic Associates of SW Ohio - Little York

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Chris Watercutter
May 02, 2018

Went to the Sidney office yesterday... Beautiful new building...I was seen by Dr Jackson which I really liked. Hes super friendly and professional. Made me feel comfortable, love his personality... I'll be back next month for my follow up appointment

Sharon Wartinger
Apr 13, 2018

Wrist Arthroscopy be Dr. Martineau last year, after 5 years of increasing pain. Best thing I ever did and no pain since. 😘

Matthew Clayton
Mar 08, 2018

Francis Tomlinson
Feb 28, 2018

Amber Hendrickson
Feb 27, 2018

In November of last year I was given a referral to see Dr. Jackson about my right shoulder after the first surgeon I had seen completely dismissed me. I saw Dr. Jackson on the 2nd of November and he was amazing. He listened to my concerns and looked at my mri scans and asked me what we should do after suggesting that I may have had a lateral or a laberal tear in my right shoulder. And by the 8th of November I was in surgery. It’s now been almost 4 months and I’m pain free and I can use my arm/shoulder again with no pain and I have full range of motion. I’m so glad I fought for a second opinion and I’m thrilled I got Dr. Jackson!! He is one of the best! Don’t lose him to another practice! I feel so blessed that he took the time to repair my shoulder. Thanks Dr. Atiba Jackson!!!

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